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Monday, November 29, 2010

Drama sebabak tentang Breastfeeding

Pada suatu hari di suatu tempat di suatu acara....

Maktua : Qaireen dah berapa bln?
Mama : 6 bulan.
Maktua : Dah start bagi nestumlah ye.
Mama : Saya tak bagi nestum..saya buat sendiri bubur nasi dia.
Maktua : Baguslah..patutlah debab..dia minum susu apa?
Mama : Susu badan.
Maktua : Kerja mcmn??
Mama : Saya pam..lagi pun dkt peti ais banyak stok susu..hehe
Maktua : Ish! maktua tak yakinlah susu simpan lama2 dlm peti ais.
Mama : Hehehe..maktua ni..susu boleh tahan lama kalau kita simpan dgn betul.
Maktua : Cukup ke??Campurlah dgn susu tepung!
Mama : Susu badan kan susu terbaik di dunia mak tua.
Maktua : Maktua tau..maktua dulu pun bagi susu badan, tapi maktua x yakin bila susu simpan dalam peti ais.
Mama : Hahahahaha... (mama ketawa)

Bila dah habis makan mama pun masuklah ke dalam rumah. Tiba2 Qaireen nak menyusu pulak. Ialah..dia pun lapar jugakan. Tak kan mama je yang nak makan. Masa mama nyusukan Qaireen..ramai makcik2..opah2..tegur mama.

Makcik2 & Opah2 : Bagi susu badan ke??
Mama : A'a..saya menyusukan dia sepenuhnya
Makcik2 & Opah2 : Kalau kerja macam mana??
Mama : Masa dalam pantang dulu, 3 minggu sebelum masuk kerja, saya dah start pam. Dekat pejabat pun saya pam..setiap 3jam sekali saya dalam sehari saya pam 3 kali.
Makcik2 & Opah2 : Cukup ke??
Mama : Alhamdulillah cukup..lg pun susu boleh disimpan selama 3bln dlm peti ais atas.
Makcik2 & Opah2 : Hanya tersenyum (dgn berkerut muka..mcm tak puas hati)
Mama : Lagi sekali mama hanya tersenyum ^_^

Kalu dialog sebegini terkena kat korang, apa yg korang akan buat? Dan apa reaksi korang dalam situasi sebegini??

Drama ini bukan sebarang drama, drama ini kisah benar yg blh dijadikan tauladan dan panduan. Kalu nak baca kisah lanjut leh terjah sini...

Belog Mama Qaireen

P/s: Aku sangat suke ini drama....

Off Day!!

Not able to blogwalking today..

Tapi those yang dtg jenguk jgn lupa tinggal jejak n will be coming to ur home nnt...


Sunday, November 28, 2010

How to start it right???

Oleh sebab takde keje blogwalking yg pending perlu di buat.. aku giler nak post n3 pasal breastfeeding nih.


Yup!!! Aku mengaku yg aku overexcited nk BF my newborn to be nih... sangat tak sabar2 (apa punya tatabahasa da....)!

Susulan dari n3 aku sblm tadi, pasal Mitos dalam BF, aku ada letakkan dan higlightkan MERAH utk keywords for the day.
how to latch a baby on properly

the baby latching on poorly

baby is not latched on properly

breastfeed better and longer if he is latched on properly

Di bawah nih aku tepekkan again dari starting out right

Breastfeeding is the natural, physiologic way of feeding infants and young children milk, and human milk is the milk made specifically for human infants. Formulas made from cow’s milk or soy beans (most of them) are only superficially similar, and advertising which states otherwise is misleading. Breastfeeding should be easy and trouble free for most mothers. A good start helps to assure breastfeeding is a happy experience for both mother and baby.
The vast majority of mothers are perfectly capable of breastfeeding their babies exclusively for four to six months. In fact, most mothers produce more than enough milk. Unfortunately, outdated hospital routines based on bottle feeding still predominate in many health care institutions and make breastfeeding difficult, even impossible, for some mothers and babies. For breastfeeding to be well and properly established, a good early few days can be crucial. Admittedly, even with a terrible start, many mothers and babies manage.
The trick to breastfeeding is getting the baby to latch on well. A baby who latches on well, gets milk well. A baby who latches on poorly has difficulty getting milk, especially if the supply is low. A poor latch is similar to giving a baby a bottle with a nipple hole which is too small-the bottle is full of milk, but the baby will not get much. When a baby is latching on poorly, he may also cause the mother nipple pain. And if he does not get milk well, he will usually stay on the breast for long periods, thus aggravating the pain. Here are a few ways breastfeeding can be made easy:

1. The baby should be at the breast immediately after birth. The vast majority of newborns can be put to breast within minutes of birth. Indeed, research has shown that, given the chance, babies only minutes old will often crawl up to the breast from the mother’s abdomen, and start breastfeeding all by themselves. This process may take up to an hour or longer, but the mother and baby should be given this time together to start learning about each other. Babies who “self-attach” run into far fewer breastfeeding problems. This process does not take any effort on the mother’s part, and the excuse that it cannot be done because the mother is tired after labour is nonsense, pure and simple. Incidentally, studies have also shown that skin to skin contact between mothers and babies keeps the baby as warm as an incubator.

2. The mother and baby should room in together. There is absolutely no medial reason for healthy mothers and babies to be separated from each other, even for short periods. Health facilities which have routine separations of mothers and babies after birth are years behind the times, and the reasons for the separation often have to do with letting parents know who is in control (the hospital) and who is not (the parents). Often bogus reasons are given for separations. One example is the baby passed meconium before birth. A baby who passes meconium and is fine a few minutes after birth will be fine and does not need to be in an incubator for several hours’ “observation”.
There is no evidence that mothers who are separated from their babies are better rested. On the contrary, they are more rested and less stressed when they are with their babies. Mothers and babies learn how to sleep in the same rhythm. Thus, when the baby starts waking for a feed, the mother is also starting to wake up naturally. This is not as tiring for the mother as being awakened from deep sleep, as she often is if the baby is elsewhere when he wakes up.
The baby shows long before he starts crying that he is ready to feed. His breathing may change, for example. Or he may start to stretch. The mother, being in light sleep, will awaken, her milk will start to flow and the calm baby will be content to nurse. A baby who has been crying for some time before being tried on the breast may refuse to take the breast even if he is ravenous. Mothers and babies should be encouraged to sleep side by side in hospital. This is a great way for mothers to rest while the baby nurses. Breastfeeding should be relaxing, not tiring.
3. Artificial nipples should not be given to the baby. There seems to be some controversy about whether “nipple confusion” exists. Babies will take whatever method gives them a rapid flow of fluid and may refuse others that do not. Thus, in the first few days, when the mother is producing only a little milk (as nature intended), and the baby gets a bottle (as nature intended?) from which he gets rapid flow, he will tend to prefer the rapid flow method. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure that one out, though many health professionals, who are supposed to be helping you, don’t seem to be able to manage it. Nipple confusion includes not just the baby refusing the breast, but also the baby not taking the breast as well as he could and thus not getting milk well and /or the mother getting sore nipples. Just because a baby will “take both” does not mean that the bottle is not having a negative effect. Since there are now alternatives available if the baby needs to be supplemented why use an artificial nipple?

4. No restriction on length or frequency of breastfeedings. A baby who drinks well will not be on the breast for hours at a time. Thus, if he is, it is usually because he is not latching on well and not getting the milk which is available. Get help to fix the baby’s latch, and use compression to get the baby more milk. This, not a pacifier, not a bottle, not taking the baby to the nursery, will help.

5. Supplements of water, sugar water, or formula are rarely needed. Most supplements could be avoided by getting the baby to take the breast properly and get the milk that is available. If you are being told you need to supplement without someone having observed you breastfeeding, ask for someone to help who knows what they are doing. There are rare indications for supplementation, but usually supplements are suggested for the convenience of the hospital staff. If supplements are required, they should be given by lactation aid, not cup, finger feeding, syringe or bottle. The best supplement is your own colostrum. It can be mixed with sugar water if you are not able to express much at first. Formula is hardly ever necessary in the first few days.

6. A proper latch is crucial to success. This is the key to successful breastfeeding. Unfortunately, too many mothers are being “helped” by people who don’t know what a proper latch is. If you are being told your two day old’s latch is good despite your having very sore nipples, be skeptical, and ask for help from someone who knows.
Before you leave the hospital, you should be shown that your baby is latched on properly, and that he is actually getting milk from the breast and that you know how to know he is getting milk from the breast (open-pause-close type of suck). If you and the baby are leaving hospital not knowing this, get help quickly.

7. Free formula samples and formula company literature are not gifts. There is only one purpose for these “gifts” and that is to get you to use formula. It is very effective, and very unethical, marketing. If you get any from any health professional, you should be wondering about his/her knowledge of breastfeeding and his/her commitment to breastfeeding. “But I need formula because the baby is not getting enough!”. Maybe, but, more likely, you weren’t given good help and the baby is simply not getting your milk well. Get good help. Formula samples are not help.
Under some circumstances, it may be impossible to start breastfeeding early. However, most medical reasons (maternal medication, for example) are not true reasons for stopping or delaying breastfeeding, and you are getting misinformation. Get good help. Premature babies can start breastfeeding much, much earlier than they do in many health facilities. In fact, studies are now quite definite that it is easier for a premature baby to breastfeed than to bottle feed. Unfortunately, too many health professionals dealing with premature babies do not seem to be aware of this.

Sekali lagi di dalam article nih ditekankan berkenaan kepentingan latch on yang betul. Dalam sibuk aku menggerodek pasal nih aku pun terpanggil utk tgk sendiri bagaimana yg dikatakan cara latch on yang betul.

Korang leh terjah terus kat bawah nih, sbb teknik latch on itu ditunjuk sendiri oleh penulis article di atas.

Latch on 1

Latch on 2

Latch on 3

Happy Breastfeeding!!!!

P/s: Aku rasa nak nangis tgk bb tu menyusu, sungguh berasa kagum dengan ciptaan dan kebesaran ALLAH!

Some Breastfeeding Myths

Today, again aku nak kongsikan info tentang Mitos dalam penyusuan susu ibu.

Memang banyak anggapan, tanggapan, pandangan, perspektif yang SALAH berkenaan dengan penyusuan susu ibu. Percaya atau tidak semua itu berlaku kerana kita tidak mendapat maklumat yg tepat dan menggerodek ilmu tentang penyusuan susu ibu.

Ibu-ibu yg punya tanggapan2 SALAH itu tidak bersalah, cuma mereka tidak mendapat maklumat yg tepat dan belum ada kesedaran tentang mencari ilmu berkenaan dengan penyusuan susu ibu.

Di sini aku tepekkan apa yg aku perolehi dari web Breastfeeding Myths.
1. Many women do not produce enough milk.

Not true! The vast majority of women produce more than enough milk. Indeed, an overabundance of milk is common. Most babies that gain too slowly, or lose weight, do so not because the mother does not have enough milk, but because the baby does not get the milk that the mother has. The usual reason that the baby does not get the milk that is available is that he is poorly latched onto the breast. This is why it is so important that the mother be shown, on the first day, how to latch a baby on properly, by someone who knows what they are doing.
2. It is normal for breastfeeding to hurt.
Not true! Though some tenderness during the first few days is relatively common, this should be a temporary situation which lasts only a few days and should never be so bad that the mother dreads nursing. Any pain that is more than mild is abnormal and is almost always due to the baby latching on poorly. Any nipple pain that is not getting better by day 3 or 4 or lasts beyond 5 or 6 days should not be ignored. A new onset of pain when things have been going well for a while may be due to a yeast infection of the nipples. Limiting feeding time does not prevent soreness.
3. There is no (not enough) milk during the first 3 or 4 days after birth.
Not true! It often seems like that because the baby is not latched on properly and therefore is unable to get the milk. Once the mother's milk is abundant, a baby can latch on poorly and still may get plenty of milk. However, during the first few days, the baby who is latched on poorly cannot get milk. This accounts for “but he's been on the breast for 2 hours and is still hungry when I take him off”. By not latching on well, the baby is unable to get the mother's first milk, called colostrum. Anyone who suggests you pump your milk to know how much colostrum there is, does not understand breastfeeding, and should be politely ignored.
4. A baby should be on the breast 20 (10, 15, 7.6) minutes on each side.
Not true! However, a distinction needs to be made between “being on the breast” and “breastfeeding”. If a baby is actually drinking for most of 15-20 minutes on the first side, he may not want to take the second side at all. If he drinks only a minute on the first side, and then nibbles or sleeps, and does the same on the other, no amount of time will be enough. The baby will breastfeed better and longer if he is latched on properly. He can also be helped to breastfeed longer if the mother compresses the breast to keep the flow of milk going, once he no longer swallows on his own. Thus it is obvious that the rule of thumb that “the baby gets 90% of the milk in the breast in the first 10 minutes” is equally hopelessly wrong.
5. A breastfeeding baby needs extra water in hot weather.
Not true! Breast milk contains all the water a baby needs.
6. Breastfeeding babies need extra vitamin D.
Not true! Except in extraordinary circumstances (for example, if the mother herself was vitamin D deficient during the pregnancy). The baby stores vitamin D during the pregnancy, and a little outside exposure, on a regular basis, gives the baby all the vitamin D he needs.
7. A mother should wash her nipples each time before feeding the baby.
Not true! Formula feeding requires careful attention to cleanliness because formula not only does not protect the baby against infection, but also is actually a good breeding ground for bacteria and can also be easily contaminated. On the other hand, breast milk protects the baby against infection. Washing nipples before each feeding makes breastfeeding unnecessarily complicated and washes away protective oils from the nipple.
8. Pumping is a good way of knowing how much milk the mother has.
Not true! How much milk can be pumped depends on many factors, including the mother's stress level. The baby who nurses well can get much more milk than his mother can pump. Pumping only tells you have much you can pump.
9. Breast milk does not contain enough iron for the baby's needs.
Not true! Breast milk contains just enough iron for the baby's needs. If the baby is full term he will get enough iron from breast milk to last him at least the first 6 months. Formulas contain too much iron, but this quantity may be necessary to ensure the baby absorbs enough to prevent iron deficiency. The iron in formula is poorly absorbed, and most of it, the baby poops out. Generally, there is no need to add other foods to breast milk before about 6 months of age.

10. It is easier to bottle feed than to breastfeed.
Not true! Or, this should not be true. However, breastfeeding is made difficult because women often do not receive the help they should to get started properly. A poor start can indeed make breastfeeding difficult. But a poor start can also be overcome. Breastfeeding is often more difficult at first, due to a poor start, but usually becomes easier later.
11. Breastfeeding ties the mother down.
Not true! But it depends how you look at it. A baby can be nursed anywhere, anytime, and thus breastfeeding is liberating for the mother. No need to drag around bottles or formula. No need to worry about where to warm up the milk. No need to worry about sterility. No need to worry about how your baby is, because he is with you.
12. There is no way to know how much breast milk the baby is getting.
Not true! There is no easy way to measure how much the baby is getting, but this does not mean that you cannot know if the baby is getting enough. The best way to know is that the baby actually drinks at the breast for several minutes at each feeding (open;pause;close type of suck). Other ways also help show that the baby is getting plenty.
13. Modern formulas are almost the same as breast milk.
Not true! The same claim was made in 1900 and before. Modern formulas are only superficially similar to breast milk. Every correction of a deficiency in formulas is advertised as an advance. Fundamentally they are inexact copies based on outdated and incompleteyour baby. Formulas are made to suit every baby, and thus no baby. Formulas succeed only at making babies grow well, usually, but there is more to breastfeeding than getting the baby to grow quickly. knowledge of what breast milk is. Formulas contain no antibodies, no living cells, no enzymes, no hormones. They contain much more aluminum, manganese, cadmium and iron than breast milk. They contain significantly more protein than breast milk. The proteins and fats are fundamentally different from those in breast milk. Formulas do not vary from the beginning of the feed to the end of the feed, or from day 1 to day 7 to day 30, or from woman to woman, or from baby to baby... Your breast milk is made as required to suit
14. If the mother has an infection she should stop breastfeeding.
Not true! With very, very few exceptions, the baby will be protected by the mother's continuing to breastfeed. By the time the mother has fever (or cough, vomiting, diarrhea, rash, etc) she has already given the baby the infection, since she has been infectious for several days before she even knew she was sick. The baby's best protection against getting the infection is for the mother to continue breastfeeding. If the baby does get sick, he will be less sick if the mother continues breastfeeding. Besides, maybe it was the baby who gave the infection to the mother, but the baby did not show signs of illness because he was breastfeeding. Also, breast infections, including breast abscess, though painful, are not reasons to stop breastfeeding. Indeed, the infection is likely to settle more quickly if the mother continues breastfeeding on the affected side.
15. If the baby has diarrhea or vomiting, the mother should stop breastfeeding.
Not true! The best medicine for a baby's gut infection is breastfeeding. Stop other foods for a short time, but continue breastfeeding. Breast milk is the only fluid your baby requires when he has diarrhea and/or vomiting, except under exceptional circumstances. The push to use “oral rehydrating solutions” is mainly a push by the formula (and oral rehydrating solutions)manufacturers to make even more money. The baby is comforted by the breastfeeding, and the mother is comforted by the baby's breastfeeding.
16. If the mother is taking medicine she should not breastfeed.
Not true! There are very very few medicines that a mother cannot take safely while breastfeeding. A very small amount of most medicines appears in the milk, but usually in such small quantities that there is no concern. If a medicine is truly of concern, there are usually equally effective, alternative medicines that are safe. The risks of artificial feeding for both the mother and the baby must be taken into account when weighing if breastfeeding should be continued (Handouts #9a and b You Should Continue Breastfeeding).
by Jack Newman, MD, FRCPC

Selain dari yg aku tepekkan kat atas nih, leh jugak terjah blog cik puan Ayu Khairy tuk bacaan lanjut.


"It is not the matter of Breastfeeding is difficult but how difficult u find to gain the knowledge about Breastfeeding".

how to latch a baby on properly

the baby latching on poorly

baby is not latched on properly

breastfeed better and longer if he is latched on properly

Selamat Membaca!!!

P/s: Breast milk is the best milk!!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Parenting: Toddler Development 24-35 months

Masuk Dec 2010, maknanya lagi sebulan usia Wawa nak masuk ke 3 tahun.

Wohoo!! Kejapnya masa berlalu. Mayb birthday kali ni tak buat spesel sangat sebab masa tu adik Wawa dalam pewot nih akan kuar anytime (hopefully bb kuar sama tarikh ngan kakaknya 07 jan 2011).

Kalu celebrate pun mayb kecil kecilan jek, setakat belikan kek n toy or books for her.

Today nak citer pasal my child development.

Before that, cut and paste from

Toddler Development 24-35 months
Review the physical, mental and social abilities and interests for younger toddlers aged 24-35 months. Note that these lists indicate average development - the age range at which the 'average' child can he expected to achieve a particular skill or develop a specific interest. The ages in the text are only approximate. Children develop skills at uneven rates - any one child may be 'above average' in one skill and 'below average' in another skill. For an individual child, the parent is the best judge of the child's abilities and interests at any point in his or her development. Be sure to talk to your pediatrician or an early childhood development expert if you have any concerns about your child's development.

Toddler Physical Development

  • skilled at most simple large muscle skills.
  • lots of physical testing - jumping from heights, climbing, hanging by arms, rolling, galloping, somersaults, rough-and-tumble play.
  • throws and retrieves all kinds of objects
  • pushes self on wheeled objects with good steering.
  • by 2 1/2 to 3 years, good hand and finger coordination.
  • lots of active play with small objects - explores different qualities of play materials.

Toddler Mental Development

  • interested in attributes of objects - texture, shape, size, color.
  • can match a group of similar objects.
  • plays with pattern, sequence, order of size.
  • first counting skills.
  • first creative activities (drawing, construction, clay) - process still more important than final product.
  • beginning to solve problems in head.
  • imaginative fantasy play increases - continued interest in domestic imitation.
  • fantasy play alone or with adult - child also makes toys carry out actions on other toys.

Toddler Social Development

  • main interest still in parents, but begins to play cooperatively with other children (especially 30 to 36 months).
  • uses language to express wishes to others.
  • engages in games - likes interactions with others - also some pretend play with others.
  • enjoys hearing simple stories read from picture books, especially stories with repetition.
  • strong desire for independence - shows pride in accomplishment.

From the list above, kebanyakan skills dah dapat dikuasai oleh Wawa.

1. Wawa sangat suka baca buku in her own way and language.

2. Wawa suke bercerita, again in her own way and language.

3. Wawa dah boleh bina ayat kalu nak bertanya, meminta atau bercakap ttg sst perkara.

4. Wawa dah pandai initative sendiri buat sst kalu dia perlukan sst. Contohnya, kalu sst benda dia nak berada di kedudukan tinggi dh pandai angkat kerusi or plg tidak angkat baldi and telangkup kan baldi tu berdiri atas baldi n capai benda yg dia nak. So clever!!

5. Dah faham bila ibu abah or opahnya marah mesti dia akan pergi kat satu tempat duduk sambil peluk lutut.. Merajuk..!!! Hehehe.. so funny bila tgk dia buat gitu.

6. Dan Alhamdulillah pencapaian paling bermakna bagi aku... dan aku sangat bangga dengan Wawa kerana pencapaian itu.

**Pada umur 2 tahun 8 bulan, dengan sekali training dia dh boleh berpisah ngan pacifier dia. Bila tgk ada budak yg sebaya Wawa masih lagi pakai pacifier, aku rasa bangga sbb dia dh boleh berpisah dari pacifiernya, dengan keinginan dia sendiri dan bantuan sedikit training.

**Pada umur 2 tahun 10 bulan sehingga sekarang masih lagi dalam proses training, Wawa dah tak pakai dypers lagi!!! Dan yg plg membanggakan (Alhamdulillah..syukur kepada ALLAH..), dia boleh tidur malam tanpa dypers... setakat ni takde la insiden basah di tengah malam.. hehehehe. Wawa pun dh pandai cakap nak pee pee and poo poo sendiri.. cuma nak kena train supaya dia boleh buat sendiri.

Another percent yg masih dalam observation and monitoring,

1. Belum pandai tanggal baju sendiri.

2. Bila Wawa asyik dengan sst, terutamanya bila depan tv dia macam susah nak menyahut panggilan kita bila dipanggil nama, kena tinggikan sket suara barulah dia dtg kat kita. Kenapa gitu ek?? Pendengaran dia ok, sbb kalu aku mintak dia dengar bunyi yg agak sayup2 dia boleh capture.

3. Masih minum susu guna botol susu. Camne nak bagi dia minum susu dalam cawan?

4. Minum susu lebih banyak dari makan. Kengkadang kena paksa smpi nangis2 nak suruh dia makan. Jenuh!!!!

Wawa, si budak nakal!

P/s: Mayb tak dpt hantar Wawa ke Taska next year. So, tunggu Wawa 4 tahun baru hantar.

Terima kasih...


Terima kasih to Ben Ashaari.... for his idea to do such segment in blogging.

Terima kasih to follower...yg dah lama or yg terbaru mengikuti blog aku.

Terima kasih to all!!!

P/s: Memang ada effect lepas join segmen En. Ben tuh.

Friday, November 26, 2010


Slalu gak aku gi terjah blog tuan umah nih. Tapi sebagai silent reader jek.

Hari nih sedang aku berblogwalking... tetiba aku terpandangkan segmen ini...


Mengikut syarat2 penyertaan, aku harus menamakan 5 blog... yup! 5 blog SAHAJA yg menjadi feveret aku yg perlu aku pilih dengan sebijak2 bijaknya...

Maka di bawah inilah pilihan blog utama aku... kenapa??? silalah baca seterusnya yek.

1. Cik Puan Ayu Khairy....
Ex-mate sekampus dan sumber inspirasi utama aku dalam dunia Penyusuan Susu Ibu (PSI). Kerana blog yg tercipta oleh cik puan Ayu, aku yg sedang preggy 8 bulan nih, sangatlah berasa sedar diri tentang kepentingan PSI itu dan akhirnya rasa sangat2 tak sabar nak melakukannya sendiri. Selain tu, banyak sangat info2 menarik yg suke dikongsikan di dalam blog ini.

2. Cik Puan Deena Awanis.....
Seorang yg sangat frenly bagi aku sebab walau tak penah kenal atau berjumpa d dunia realiti, dia sangat rajin meninggalkan komen di n3 aku. Mengenali dirinya semenjak menjadi mommy to be dan sekarang sibuk menguruskan rumah tangga dan menjaga bb Rafique, juga salah seorang rakan pro BF. Suka baca citer2 nye.

3. Cik Puan Ummi.....
Lagi sorang ex-mate sekampus. Yang sekarang nih sedang berjinak2 dalam dunia photography. Suka tgk gambar2 di blog nye.

4. Cik Puan Farah....
Siapa tak kenal cik puan Farah? Tentu sekali aku suka ke blog ini kerana citer2 pengalaman sendiri dan tips2 berkenaan parenting dan PSI yg selalu dikongsikan itu menjadi penyebab kenapa blog ini tersenarai.

Cik Fatin Liyana.....
First time aku terjumpa terus jatuh hati. Blog ni jadi blog tempat aku melepak2...sambil melihat foto2 tuan umah yang sgt chanteq. Lagipun nama dia sama ngan nama aku.


Ok done!!!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Parenting: Tricky question

Penah tak korang uji IQ anak2 korang ngan 'tricky question'?**Actually soklannya mudah cuma agak tricky for my kids.

First time aku encounter hal nih daripada Wawa, kitorg (refering to ibu, abah & opah) suka sangat tanya tricky questions to her.

Aku tak tau la kot korang pun penah buat gak.

Tapi yang buat aku rasa amaze tuh adalah kerana jawapan yg diberikan oleh Wawa.

Sangat2 secara langsung, direct, honest, luhur, tulus dan ikhlas....

Antara contoh soklan yang kitorang tanya...

"Wawa sayang ibu ke abah??"

"Wawa sayang ibu ke, abah ke, opah?"

"Wawa makan nasi ke roti?"

"Wawa nak tido umah opah kiah ke opah munah?" (refering to MIL and mak aku)

Yup! Memang kalu dilihat dari soklan2 tuh, tak de pape pun, soklan senang kan.. and we can expect budak2 macam Wawa to answer directly.

Tapi yang kitorg buat jadi tricky tu ialah... pas tanya soklan di atas, kitorang akan tanya sekali lagi dalam mode yang berbeza.


Ibu:"Wawa sayang ibu ke sayang abah?"


Bila ditanya sekali lagi...

Ibu:"Wawa sayang abah ke sayang ibu?"


See the different answers she gave...

Moral of the story:
Betapa luhur dan kudusnya hati, jiwa serta pemikiran seorang kanak2. Dia menerima dengan hati yg ikhlas dan bersih terhadap persoalan kita dan menjawabnya dengan hati yang jujur.

Pada diri seorang kanak2 yg belum akil baligh, jika yg baik itu A, maka A lah yg dipilihnya. Jika yg buruk itu juga A, maka A jugalah yg dipilihnya. Seorang kanak2 yg belum akil baligh tak pandai nak menilai baik buruk, betul salah sst pilihan. Pada mereka apa yg tlh diasuh dan diajar oleh ibu bapa tuh adalah yg terbaik dan boleh dipercayai bagi mereka, dan itulah yg bakal menjadi ikutan dalam hidup mereka.

Mereka belajar melalui setiap perbuatan, tingkah laku dan percakapan dari individu yg plg dekat dengan mereka iaitu Ibu dan Bapa.

Menjadi ibu bapa yg melaksanakan tugas mengasuh sangat mudah, tapi sungguh mencabar nak mendidik anak2...

P/s: Try la buat tricky questions tuh pada anak2 korang. Especially yg berumur bawah 5 tahun dan sudah petah bercakap. Let see what is the result u get from that questions....

P/s: Ni parenting tips sendiri nye.. takde ciplak dr mana2.. sekadar nak berkongsi jek.

Panas.. Panas.. Panas...

Ada gosip terhangat yang ingin aku kongsikan bersama kalian.

Tapi sebelum tuh, aku nak re cap beberapa quote yang sgt2 aku gemari...

"Apabila hujan turun,
melimpahlah air dari perbukitan,
aliran menujah ke batu,
melekuk tanda waktu beralih,
seiring nyawa menghanyut usia,
sejalan nafas melangkah ke hujung,
awan kalau dapat dicapai.....
maka saktilah hamba"

"Cinta Sang Ratu
Laksana langit mencengkam purnama
Ibarat mutiara di lautan biru
Saujana mata memandang, seluas langit terbentang.

Tatkala cinta berbisik, suaranya memuji TUHAN
Pabila rindu terusik, rasulnya jadi pilihan.

Sampai masanya cinta jadi taruhan
Sang Ratu menjadi impian...."

"Biar betapa jauh, hatiku sentiasa di sisimu...."

"Kerana cinta........ aku ingin hidup"

"Mati itu PASTI!! Hidup.....??? Insya Allah..."

Agak2nya dh boleh agak la kan apa berita hangat penuh sensasi nih.

Aku tau tak ramai yang meminati si dia nih, tapi aku tak minat sangat dia pun cuma hasil karyanya saja yang menjadi kegilaan aku.

Alhamdulillah aku pun tumpang bersyukur dengan si dia nih sbb ALLAH masih mahu memberikannya ilham untuk berkarya dan Insya Allah sesapa yang dok kat area Lembah Klang atau KL leh la g terjah dapatkan karya terbaru si dia...




Nak tau lanjut leh terjah sini


Untuk sinopsis novel


P/s: Sungguh tak sabar nak bacanya....

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

10 bintang....

Nak bagi 10 bintang kat Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows... Boleh tak???
(**sukati lah kan.. nak bagi bape pun bintang kan... korang tak kisah pun kan??? hehhehe...)

Sangat berpuas hati dan sangat tak sabar tuk tunggu part 2 for the finale next year July, untung2 jatuh pada birthdate aku...

Ni pun tgh berkira2 and sdg planning camne nk g next year nih nnt..

Amboi.. excited gilerss kan?

Memang pun...

Nak g tahun dpn bb baru nak masuk 7 bulan, kena tinggal kat mak le jawabnya... hehehe...

**Apa la aku merapik nih...

Btw, sangat2 berpuashati dan memang tak sabar tunggu tahun dpn...


Layan picca ek...

Apa tu???

Model promosi HP

33 weeks preggy

Bergambar di tepi dinding... motif???

P/S: Best lagi bila yg belanja tgk adalah En. Hubby...Thank u much En. Hubby!!!

Update later....

2 hari tak jenguk blog, cam bersawang dh...

sat g baru nak update aktiviti hari senin kemarin...

sangat best!!!!

skrg tgh update FB, blogwalking melihat, bertandang dan menjenguk ke umah sahabat2 blogger...

Will update later...

Apakah kaitannya picca ini dgn next n3??


Saturday, November 20, 2010

Quote for today

Imagine you are using a straw to drink from a glass of water. As you drink, a friend is very slowly pouring water into your glass. The emptier the glass, the faster your friend pours the water. Would you be able to drink all the water in your glass?

Credit from

P/s: Begitulah perumpamaannya cik B kita bila nak menghasilkan susu (milk productions).

Friday, November 19, 2010


Credit to Shea Syahirah
** Akak tampal ini sbg iklan kat blog akak yek dear.... :D





Saja nak kongsikan bersama ngan blog readers aku ttg aktiviti terbaru yg aku ikuti.

Aku tak terlibat, tak layak pun..

Kenapa tak layak?? Sbb aku tak pandai nak berfesyen seperti mereka2 ini.

Aku saja je suka2 nak cuci mata dan mencari sumber inspirasi melihat fesyen dan gaya mereka ini.

Personally aku sangat suke dengan gaya dan fesyen yg mereka gayakan. Unik, menarik dan sangat tertarik serta da bomb!!! Chanteq?? Tentu la chanteQQQQ!!!

Nak tau apa itu Hijabi Fashion Week??

Sila lah terjah ke situ tuk mengikutinya...Tinggal 2 hari lagi....


P/s: Sori... lambat post n3 pasal nih...

Low Milk Productions and Supply

Kalu korang tgk past n3 aku, banyak jugak yg aku bincangkan hal berkaitan MILK PRODUCTIONS nih...

Aku takkan henti membicarakan tentang nih sehingga aku sendiri melalui dan merasai pengalaman sebenarnya. Sebab buat masa nih aku leh citer ttg teorinya sahaja kan...

Kalu bercakap pasal Milk productions aku suka refer kepada buku rujukan aku di bawah nih...

**Boleh juga refer kepada note aku tentang BF...ALL ABOUT BREASTFEEDING.

Sebabnya penjelasan berkenaan dengan keadaan fisiologi tubuh kita sebagai wanita dan penerangan tentang konsep penghasilan susu ibu tu sangat jelas dan details. Sangat elok untuk dibaca....

Kali nih, aku nak bercakap lagi tentang Milk productions, hasil dari perbincangan masa SGM lepas. Dalam SGM ari tuh, kitorg bincang pasal 'Low Milk Productions and Supply', permasalahan biasa yg dialami oleh setiap nursing mom.

Cumanya aku mintak supaya moderator iaitu Pn Nadrah menjelaskan dalam perspektif yg lain.

Soklan aku.... sebagai ibu2 preggy and new mommies yg ingin exclusive BF, apa persediaan nk hadapi situasi low milk productions and supply??

Hasil perbincangan:

1. Persediaan bermula dari semasa preggy iaitu dengan mendalami ilmu tentang Penyusuan Susu Ibu

2. Skin to skin contact pada minit yang pertama sejurus selepas bayi dilahirkan.
**Dengan syarat, bayi sihat dan tiada komplikasi, even kalu bersalin czerr pun boleh mintak dari nurse or doc utk nursing baby dulu sblm bb dibawa 'lari'. Ramai yg tak tau tentang nih(termasuk aku).

3. Rooming In bersama bayi di mana peluang bagi kita untuk supply mengikut demand bayi.
**Ibu-ibu perlu belajar dan tahu tentang earlier hunger cues di mana ini memudahkan kita mengetahui saat dan ketika bayi perlu disusukan.

4. Minggu2 awal bersama bayi perlu dilaksanakan konsep supply and demand di mana kita tidak digalakkan untuk membentuk jadual penyusuan bagi bayi sebaliknya kita melihat kembali hunger cues itu tadi dan berikan bila bayi memerlukan susu ibu (on demand).
**Boleh terjah sini Nursing your Newborn.

5. Bagi ibu2 bekerja, 2 minggu selepas kelahiran dah boleh mula pumping untuk stimulation cik B. And at the same time leh mula wat stok.

6. Selainnya.. bersabar, berdoa berusaha dan bertawakal agar dipermudahkan perjalanan Penyusuan susu ibu bagi anak2 kita... AMIN..

P/s: Breastfeeding is forever a learning process for both mom and baby.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

'Growth Spurt' Masalah Besar bagi Ibu2??

Daripada perbincangan SGM yg lepas, semua ibu2 yg terlibat sepakat bersetuju menyatakan bahawa 'Growth Spurt' adalah gangguan sementara dalam perjalanan penyusuan susu ibu.


Mengapa ada sesetengah ibu2 yg menganggap ia sebagai satu masalah besar yg mengganggu perjalanan PSI dan akhirnya ada juga ibu2 yg kecundang di pertengahan jalan??

Menurut ibu2 yg pro BF, apabila berlaku keadaan 'growth spurt' ini, ibu2 akan mengalami masalah pabila tidak mempunyai maklumat tepat (kurang ilmu), tiada sokongan, tidak mendapat bantuan dari pihak yg pro BF dan menerima pelbagai tanggapan negatif seperti susu kurang dan tak cukup untuk bb, bb tak puas menyusu susu ibu di mana akhirnya ibu2 memberikan gantian susu formula melalui botol susu.
Situasi ini memberikan pelbagai impak negatif kepada bayi (seperti bayi mula menyukai rasa susu formula & nipple confusion) yg akhirnya menyebabkan bayi tidak lagi mahu meneruskan penyusuan dengan susu ibu dan akhirnya ibu2 gagal meneruskan penyusuan susu ibu secara eksklusif seperti yang ditetapkan dalam polisi PSI.

Jadi, apa sbnrnya 'growth sp

Menurut sumber dari perbincangan lepas dan juga rujukan di web,

1. Keadaan di mana pola penyusuan bayi bertukar menjadi sangat kerap daripada kebiasaan (kadangkala sejam sekali penyusuan) dan juga bayi menjadi sangat cerewet daripada kebiasaan.

2. Keadaan ini bersifat sementara.

3. Waktu berlakunya gangguan ini ketika bayi berusia (*keadaannya berbeza2 mengikut bayi),

2- 3 minggu pertama

3 bulan

5-6 bulan

8-9 bulan

1 tahun

18 bulan

4. Gangguan berlaku sekitar 2-3 hari atau mungkin selama seminggu atau lebih (bergantung kepada diri bayi sendiri dan tidak sama untuk setiap bayi).

5. Perkembangan fizikal bayi tidak mempengaruhi secara langsung kepada gangguan ini. Tapi berkemungkinan bayi akan menunjukkan petanda 'growth spurt' seiring dengan perkembangan fizikal bayi (ini boleh dijadikan panduan bagi ibu2 untuk bersedia menghadapi gangguan tersebut).

6. Cara menghadapi situasi ini-


Sabar dan


Mengikut kehendak dan keperluan bayi

Menambah bilangan kalori dalam pemakanan harian si ibu

Sebarang masalah dapatkan bantuan dan sokongan segera dari pihak yang benar, iaitu ibu2 yg pro BF.

7. Kesan positif

Apabila berlaku 'growth spurt', ibu2 mempunyai peluang untuk menambahkan sesi penyusuan (secara direct feeding @ pumping) dan dengan ini akan memberikan peluang untuk menambah penghasilan susu ibu (increase in milk production) secara semulajadi.

**Tidak digalakkan sama sekali menambah penyusuan bayi dengan susu formula kerana ia akan mengganggu penghasilan susu ibu secara semulajadi.

Walaupun aku belum ada pengalaman melalui gangguan seperti ini, tapi aku yakin jika sekiranya ibu2 mendapat maklumat yg tepat, sokongan dan bantuan dari pihak yg betul dan juga mengenepikan tanggapan negatif tersebut, Insya Allah berkat doa dan usaha yg berterusan, ibu2 dapat meneruskan penyusuan susu ibu secara eksklusif sehingga bayi berusia 2 tahun.

P/s: Menambah penyusuan bayi dengan susu formula itu adalah GANGGUAN yang utama kepada perjalanan PSI ibu2 sebenarnya.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Selama aku blogwalking, memang ada perasan tagged ttg diri blogger yang 25 random things, fact, habits, or goal about you tu.

Berdoa aje aku di hati jangan la aku kena tagged tuh...

Tak semena2 dapat email dr sahabat blogger a.k.a mommy amiey, yang telah mengetag aku dgn tagged tuh...

Once you have been tagged, you are supposed to write a note
with 25 random things, fact, habits, or goal about you.
At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged.
You have to tagged the person who tagged you
If I tag you, its because i want to know more about you


Makanya inilah dia...


1. Anak sulung dari 3 beradik

2. Abah seorang peniaga, Mak surirumah tangga

3. Adik beradik yg dh kawin aku dan adik lelaki aku

4. Graduate student from UUM yang currently tak keje tapi tak menganggur

5. Berumahtangga for nearly 4 years (by Mac 11), anak sulung gugurl and 2nd newborn bb to be on this coming January 2011.


6. Sangat suke dengan Harry Potter, jangan lupa tengok this coming 18th Nov tau...

7. Sangat suke dengar muzik and until now masih dengan muzik alternative rock

8. Suka beg, kasut, baju, seluar and make up? tgh mula suke...

9. Suke, fanatik addicted to CAT. Penah kena cucuk, jahit luka, cakaran tu usah cakap la ngan kucing nih...

10. Suke sangat nak pegi Aussie...

Tak suke-

11. Tak suka orang yang hipokrit, talam dua muka, jenis tikam belakang, fakers, muka nampak baik tapi hati busuk...

12. Tak suke pergaduhan, pertelingkahan, perselisihan faham, peperangan...

13. Tak suka dengki ngan orang, bermuka2 ngan orang, busuk hati ngan orang.. cam dialog citer P.Ramlee "
Lu punya nasib, lu makan.. Dia punya nasib, dia makan.. Apa salah makan sama-sama!

14. Tak suka dok diam kat umah, ada aje benda nak dibuat...

15. Tak suka hasil kraftangan, sebetulnya takde bakat pun...


16. Suke menjelajah blog fashion dari beberapa fashion blogger (leh tgk kat bloglist)

17. Berjinak2 dengan dunia kecantikan termasuklah make up, clothing and hijab (explore melalui blogwalking jek.. blm try agi)

18. Mendapat kesedaran dan sedang menimba ilmu serta berharap dapat sokongan keluarga dan rakan2 untuk usaha exclusive BF selama 6 bulan pertama for our 2nd newborn nnt.

19. Bergiat aktif dengan aktiviti Support Group Meeting yang diadakan setiap bulan

Harapan, keinginan dan impian-

20. Berharap agar dapat sambung master suatu masa nanti

21. Berkeinginan untuk berjaya dalam biz

22. Nak bukak blogshop sendiri

23. Berimpian untuk sampai ke Aussie satu masa nanti..

24. Nak pakai kete Estima

25. Nak anak 4 orang...

Ok! That's it...

Sekarang nak tagged... jom kita tgk sapa yg kena!!!

Momma Mia
Momma Huda

Belog Kak Mah

Momma Kira

Momma Rania Husna

Momma Ayu Khairy

Momma Deena Awanis

Momma Adam

Momma Ummi

Momma Alfa Juliet

Selamat Menyiapkan keje umah!!!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Isu akan datang...

Isu akan datang berkenaan Penyusuan Susu Ibu, hasil dari perbincangan di SGM, Ahad 14/11/10...





Saturday, November 13, 2010

Perlukah susu lain selepas 2 tahun menyusu Susu Ibu??

Tajuk ini diambil semula dari 2 blog yang telah membicarakan tentangnya...

My xclusive xpressing

The Greatest Moment of Being a Supermom

Tertarik dengan isu ini, aku yang penah gagal dlm pengalaman Breastfeeding terdahulu nih nak mengulas sedikit pendapat peribadi tentangnya dan ingin memohon pandangan dari kawan2 lain.

Sebelum tuh, aku ingin bertanyakan beberapa persoalan.

Pertama- Bila anak2 kita dah terikat sepenuhnya dengan Susu Ibu sejak lahir sehingga umur 2 tahun, dan bila mereka putus menyusu badan (wean off), apa pilihan lain yang korang nak bagi sebagai pelengkap kepada sumber pemakanan anak2 kita?

Kedua- Apakah perbezaan antara susu segar (fresh milk) dan susu formula?

Ketiga- Bagi ibu2 yang pro BF, bagi mereka susu formula tidak bagus dan propaganda tentang kebaikan susu formula yang disampaikan melalui iklan2 di media adalah palsu dan sekadar program marketing mereka untuk mengaut keuntungan... apa kata anda?


Sebagai mukadimahnya, aku personally bersetuju dengan pendapat ibu2 yg pro Susu Ibu, tentang keburukan memberikan anak2 kita SUSU FORMULA (walaupun aku sendiri currently memberikan anak aku Wawa susu formula).

Di sini aku ingin berkongsi dengan korang pendapat Pn. Kamariah dari tentang Susu Formula.
Saya rasa masih ramai ibu yang masih keliru tentang keperluan pemakanan bayi. Pemikiran dan pandangan masyarakat kita telah terlalu 'terpesong' dengan saranan dan iklan yang berleluasa di TV, surat khabar mahupun radio di mana anak 'sangat perlu minum susu' dan akan kekurangan zat pula jika tidak mengambilnya.

Ada sebab kenapa anak yang disusui dengan susu ibu tidak gemar mengambil susu formula pada mana-mana peringkat:

1. Pertama rasa susu formula sangat tidak menarik, paling hebat yang dapat diformulasikan oleh syarikat pengeluar susu buatan hanyalah perisa vanila, coklat dan strawberi. Tetapi jika minum susu ibu, si anak dapat merasai pelbagai jenis rasa makanan mengikut apa yang ibu makan.
Oleh itu, moralnya: selepas khatam minum susu ibu, berilah makanan seimbang - bukan susu cap ABC atau XYZ. Ini kerana si anak telah terbiasa dengan pelbagai perisa yang terdapat dalam susu ibu, maka langkah seterusnya adalah eksplorrasi terhadap makanan sebenar tanpa mengecewakan citarasa yang telah terbentuk sejak dari bayi lagi.

2. Kedua, apalah ada pada tekstur susu semata-mata. Apabila anak sudah membesar, mereka perlu diberi peluang untuk merasai tekstur makanan yang berbeza-beza seperti keras, liat, lembut, kenyal dan pelbagai lagi. Tetapi jika mereka hanya dihidangkan susu, susu dan susu sahaja, pasti kebosanan akan melanda anak tersebut. Mereka perlu rasa bahawa daging itu liat, sayur perlu dikunyah perlahan-lahan, sup boleh dihirup, nasi boleh dimamah. Tidak seperti susu yang hanya dihisap dari botol sahaja.

3. Ketiga, warna pada susu amat membosankan. Paling hebat warna yang boleh dicampur adukkan dalam susu formula adalah warna putih, merah jambu atau coklat. Tetapi jika anak diberi peluang untuk mengenali makanan sebenar, mereka mengenal warna yang pelbagai lagi, kuning, jingga, hijau, ungu, merah, dan macam-macam lagi.

Ada banyak lagi sebab-sebab lain yang boleh difikirkan. Apa yang penting dan harus difahami oleh setiap ibu, tabii untuk seorang bayi adalah untuk minum susu ibu sahaja pada 6 bulan pertama. Tetapi sebaik umur anak mencukupi 6 bulan, bayi tersebut perlu diberi pendedahan terhadap pemakanan pejal yang seimbang sebagai pelengkap. Keutamaan pada peringkat umur 6 hingga 12 bulan adalah susu ibu kemudian makanan.

Tetapi apabila anak sudah menjangkau usia setahun, keutamaan harus diberikan kepada makanan pejal dan pelengkapnya adalah susu ibu.

Yang lengkap itu adalah pemakanan seimbang, bukan sekadar formula yang seimbang yang dilabelkan pada tin-tin yang berkilat lagi berwarna keemasan di pasaraya tempatan kerana ertikata sebenar lengkap itu adalah lebih meluas lagi mencakupi aspek pembelajaran dan eksplorasi anak sepanjang proses mengenali makanan tersebut.

Manusia ditakdirkan untuk membesar dengan pemakanan yang seimbang, bukan untuk bergantung dengan hanya minum susu sepanjang hayat.

Dicopy paste dari

Dari pendapat tersebut, dan dari pengalaman peribadi aku sendiri aku tak suka SUSU FORMULA.

Segala kebaikan susu formula yg diterjemahkan melalui pengiklanan di media tu adalah propaganda semata2 untuk mengaut keuntungan wang ringgit.

Cuba lihat perbandingan nutrisi antara Susu Ibu dan susu formula, diperolehi dari web
**Aku tak dapat nak copy paste jadual tu sbb tak pandai nk buat.. heheheh.. so terjah terus ke web tuh...

Jadinya, apa yang perlu kita berikan kepada anak2 yg dah wean off Susu Ibu, terutamanya anak2 yg berusia lebih daripada 2 tahun?

Kalu korang luaskan skop pembacaan korang ke beberapa sumber lain, pilihan yang ada selain susu formula ialah susu segar, yogurt drink dan juga susu kultur.

Sebenarnya kita hidup tidak perlu terlalu bergantung kepada susu semata2. Apabila kita berjaya memberikan susu ibu secara eksklusif kepada anak2, pelengkap kepada anak2 itu adalah sumber makanan yg berkhasiat dan tidak semestinya WAJIB disertakan bersama dengan susu.

Berikan peluang kepada mereka untuk explore setiap perisa, tekstur, bentuk dan warna pelbagai jenis makanan. Dengan itu mereka tidaklah membesar dgn menjadi seorang yg cerewet bab makan2 nih. Lagipun boring jugak bila dihadapkan dengan susu sepanjang hayat mereka apabila mereka telah mendapatkannya melalui susu ibu.

Siyes aku belajar dari kesilapan!!!

Kesilapan yg aku buat pada Wawa. Kasihan dia.. kerana aku tak berjaya memberikan hak mutlak Susu Ibu kepadanya, disumbat pula dengan SUSU FORMULA yang tak seberapa tuh dan skrg dia sangat cerewet bab makan dan jugak menu makannya tersangatlah TERHAD.. kasihan Wawa!!

So, ibu2 mulalah mendidik diri kita dengan memberikan yang terbaik buat anak2..

Bukan hanya memenuhi kehendak berbaju cantik, pelbagai permainan, sekolah atau taska dan tadika terbaik sahaja yang kita sediakan buat mereka. Tetapi apa yg kita salurkan ke perut anak2 itu biarlah juga yang terbaik secara fitrahnya.

Pilihan di tangan masing2... tepuk dada tanya selera.

P/s: Menyesal tak sudah aku sampai hari ni!!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Contest: The Best Moment Of Wedding

Hari nih nak join contest lagi......

For more details leh terjah blog nih,

Untuk syarat2 penyertaan dan contest bermula dari,

1 November 2010 hingga 30 November 2010

Picca yang akan dipertandingkan...

Tarikh Keramat 090307

Kenapa picca ini??

Sebab aku sangat suke ini picca.

Dan this is the best moment of our Wedding!!!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Layan je la...

Picca credit to this web.

Wish I could still have earning $$$$$, every minute I take my short nap or rest....

Boleh ke??

P/s: Begitulah keadaan aku hari nih, letih nak rehat lama2 tapi tak boleh...

Tak sangka cempedak jadi nangka!!!

Boleh ke cempedak bertukar menjadi nangka??

Boleh ke...??

Tak boleh.. tak boleh..tak boleh...

Tapi kalu orang yg tak penah join pape contest ke GA ke lucky draw ke, tetiba menang boleh jadi tak??


Aku la tuh!!

Dah lama dh tau yg blog momma Nurul nih buat... bkn contest, lebeh kureng cam lucky draw la kot.. Sapa cepat dia dapat gitu!

Semalam ronda2 blog momma nih, ternampak angka dah 1296, tunggu punya tunggu... dapat la aku capture angka 1299.

Actually ikutkan aku tak dapat sbb ada orang lain dulu yg dpt capture, but since momma tak letak syarat sapa dulu dia dapat, makanya aku pun berjaya la dapat hadiah saguhati...

Hadiahnya belum diketahui tapi aku tak kisah pun, saja2 join nak eratkan silaturrahim. Esok2 aku buat GA ke, contest ke ada la org nak join kan...

Btw, thank u to momma Nurul.

P/s: Best jugak ek kalu menang2 hadiah kat blog nih.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Demam HP

HP?? Hewlett Packard??


HP computer tuh ke???


Jadinya apa lagi??




Credit to Yahoo!

It must be HARRY POTTER la!!!!

Yup! Demam HP aku nih since last year agi...

After watching Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince last year, memang dh agak akan ada sambungan dan going to be released this coming 19th November for Part 1 and Part 2 akan ditayangkan next year 2011.

Wah!!! Tak sabarnya!!!

Memang aku addicted to this movie. Jangan tanya what's so special about HP, sebab aku pun tak tau kenapa.

Tapi sejak awal aku tgk citer nih pada 2001 Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, waktu tu Daniel Radcliffe berlakon sbg HP yang berusia 11 tahun, aku dh tertarik ngan jalan citer movie nih.

Dan sejak tuh aku tak penah miss ke panggung utk tgk movie, walau pun aku terpaksa menonton keseorangan.

Fanatik ke aku?? Idak la jugak.. sekadar entertaining myself dan lari sekejap dari rutin harian.

So, jangan lupa HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS:PART 1, this coming 19th November 2010.

P/s: Kalu nak tengok trailer and vid berkenaan ngan HP, sila terjah ke web nih, Harry Potter.

P/s: Harapnya background blog aku tak menganggu pembacaan korang dan kunjungan korang ke n3 aku.

Breastfeeding news on 4

To all nursing mommies, meh kita terjah tentang info terbaru dari laman blog Sara Kids, Farah Farhan.

Info ini sangat2 berguna untuk latihan memberikan EBM melalui cawan atau picagari selain dari menggunakan botol susu. Terutamanya kepada bayi yang baru lahir dan masih dalam tempoh berpantang.


Another news is...

Ada tak di sini nursing mommies yang menghadapi masalah kurang supply BM terutamanya ketika anda 'datang bulan @ period'??

Kalu nak tau cara untuk mengatasinya meh terjah ke sini plak...


Happy Reading!!!

P/s: Breastfeeding is forever a learning process for both mom and baby.

P/s: Setiap cabaran dan permasalah dalam BF journey kita pasti ada jalan penyelesaiannya, yang penting DETERMINATION dan EFFORT untuk mencari....

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